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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : وقع لو بكلمه

براءه النور
23-02-07, 04:48 PM
may mercy , peace and blessing of allah be upon you


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the idea is only copied

23-02-07, 08:26 PM
i've read this thoughts before ,, i liked them and i want to share it with ever1

Easy is to promise something to someone.
Difficult is to fulfill that promise...

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a dream...

Easy is to enjoy life every day.
Difficult to give its real value...

Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give

Easy to read this
Difficult to follow

24-02-07, 01:45 AM
This is such a great idea
Thank you Brrat al-noor

A story happen to me
One day in Florida, went into a restaurant and ordered vegetarian breakfast however, when the waiters brought my order and I’m just about to start my food, my colleague shout @ me and said stop.
Then I asked why? He said look there is small pieces of pig meat mixed with your food and I got shocked so, asked for explanation from the waiters and simply answered this is how we serve it sir.
After that never trusted any restaurant over there @ all

24-02-07, 10:08 AM
ٍMy small sister saw this sentence" I miss you " written on a note book.She asked me what does it mean. "try to find yourself" I said .She thought for a while and then said it means I am teaching you.
I = me

miss= teacher

you= you
It was long time ago I laughed a lot on her ,but I loved the way of her explanation ...

25-02-07, 03:49 AM
Fishing season hasn't opened and a fisherman who doesn't have a license, is casting for
:trout as a stranger approaches and asks
?Any luck
"Any luck? This is a wonderful spot. I took 10 out of this stream yesterday"
he boasts. "Is that so? By the way, do you know who I am?" asks the stranger
"Well, meet the new game warden"
"Oh," gulped the fisherman
? "Well, do you know who I am"
"Meet the biggest liar in the state"

.I can't wait for the opportunity to get on the witness stand someday
?"Do you promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God"
"Yes. You're ugly. See that young man in the jury? I'd like to sleep with him
?Should I keep going or are you gonna ask me some questions

?Why do Greek men wear gold neck chains #MMM
.So they know where to stop shaving

.There Are Two Things In This Life That Are Certain
.Someday We Will Die
.And Somewhere There Is A Toilet Seat Left Up

28-02-07, 02:08 AM
My news today I’m very disappointed coz no one participating

See Ya