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Wrox Professional IIS-7 Mar2008 Wrox Professional IIS-7 Mar2008
Wrox Professional IIS-7 Mar2008

كتاب هام وقيم يتحدث عن وندوز سيرفر SII-7

Wiley Publishing, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-470-09782-3
Author: Ken Schaefer,Jeff Cochran, Scott Forsyth,Rob Baugh, Mike
Everest & Dennis Glendenning
English | PDF | 843 Pages
16.40 MB - RAR - 10.00 MB

Windows Server 2008 is the first update to Microsoft’s server
operating system in nearly five years, and among the major changes
is the new Internet Information Services 7.0, which probably marks
the biggest departure from previous IIS versions that we have ever
seen. Previous recent releases of IIS have concentrated on
improving security and reliability and thus have mostly involved
changes “under the hood.” For administrators and developers,
adaptation to the new products had been relatively simple. With IIS
7.0, however, Microsoft has fundamentally changed the way the
product works, with new configuration, delegated administration,
and extensibility options designed to address perceived feature
weakness compared to competing products. At the same time, IIS 7.0
now has new, real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting features
and absorbs functionality from ASP.NET (such as caching and
forms-based authentication), making this available across all
requests. With the addition of a brand-new FTP server and FastCGI
support, IIS 7.0 leapfrogs its major competitors in feature and
flexibility options and indicates a clear effort by Microsoft to capture
more of the public- facing web server market, in addition to its
existing strong presence in the corporate sphere. For administrators
and developers, the fundamental changes in the way that IIS 7.0
works, is administered, and can be extended mean that the
knowledge required to fully take advantage of IIS 7.0’s new features
is substantially greater than in previous versions. The authors have
focused on capturing the very best of the new features in IIS 7.0 and
how you can take advantage of them. The writing styles vary from
chapter to chapter because some of the foremost experts on IIS 7.0
have contributed to this book. Drawing on our expertise in
deployment, hosting, development, and enterprise operations, we
believe that this book captures much of what today’s IIS
administrators need in their day-to-day work.

Who This Book Is For
This book is aimed at IIS administrators (or those who need to ramp
up quickly in anticipation of having to administer IIS). What
differentiates this book is that it doesn’t just focus on features and
how to configure them using a GUI administrative tool. Instead, we
explain how features work (for example, how Kerberos
authentication actually works under the covers) so that you can
better troubleshoot issues when something goes wrong.
Additionally, since most administrators need to be able to automate
common procedures, we have included specific chapters on
programmatic administration and command-line tools as well as
code snippets (using AppCmd.exe, WMI, and .NET) throughout the
book. This book covers features that many other IIS books don’t
touch (such as high availability and web farm scenarios, or
extending IIS) and has a dedicated chapter on troubleshooting and

Ken ,Jeff , Scott ,Rob , Mike



Linux Administration 5th Ed Linux Administration 5th Ed
Linux Administration 5th Ed

OpenSuSE, and Ubuntu. You will also learn how to manage files and
software, grant user rights, implement security, provide Internet and
intranet services, and customize Linux 2.6 kernel.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Installing Linux as a Server
Chapter 1: Technical Summary of Linux Distributions and Windows Server 2003
Chapter 2: Installing Linux in a Server Configuration
Chapter 3: Installing Software
Part 2: Single Host Administration
Chapter 4: Managing Users
Chapter 5: The Command Line
Chapter 6: Booting and Shutting Down
Chapter 7: File Systems
Chapter 8: Core System Services
Chapter 9: Compiling the Linux Kernel
Chapter 10: Knobs and Dials: The /proc File System
Part 3: Security and Networking
Chapter 11: TCP/IP for System Administrators
Chapter 12: Network Configuration
Chapter 13: Configuring the Linux Firewall and Router
Chapter 14: Local Security
Chapter 15: Network Security
Part 4: Internet Services
Chapter 16: DNS
Chapter 17: FTP
Chapter 18: Web Servers
Chapter 19: SMTP
Chapter 20: POP and IMAP
Chapter 21: SSH and Encryption
Chapter 22: Virtualization
Part 5: Intranet Services
Chapter 23: Network File Systems (NFS)
Chapter 24: Network Information Service (NIS)
Chapter 25: LDAP
Chapter 26: Samba (SMB/CIFS)
Chapter 27: Printing
Chapter 28: DHCP
Chapter 29: Backups

Linux Administration



Deploying and Administering Windows Vista Deploying and Administering Windows Vista
Deploying and Administering Windows Vista

Wiley, John & Sons, Inc. | ISBN-13: 9780470180211 | English | PDF | 576 pages | 8.0 MB

Although analysts expect the majority of enterprises to tread slowly
into migration, there certainly will be early adopters, as there are with
any system or device. Because Microsoft has announced that it will
support Windows 2000 only until the year 2010, enterprises using
older versions of Windows will not have much time for leisurely
testing and pilot projects before they need to seriously consider
migrating to and deploying WindowsVista. Deploying Windows
Vista will require an entirely new set of skills for IT departments
called on to migrate from older versions of Windows. Any IT
professional looking to the future of their enterprise network
deployment will benefit from the advice, tips, and reliable information
contained in this resource. The book covers all the important
security issues that are top of mind in today's IT world, as well as
troubleshooting practices to help get issues resolved in less time. A
valuable CD ROM contains tools and utilities to help IT professionals
as they deploy Windows

Vista for the first time.

Table Of Contents:
Pt. I Developing the Deployment Strategy 1
Ch. 1 Planning the Deployment 3
Ch. 2 Creating Basic Windows Images 43
Ch. 3 Managing Windows Licensing and Activation 81
Pt. II Customizing the Deployment Process 101
Ch. 4 Working with Windows Installer 103
Ch. 5 Migrating User Data 141
Ch. 6 Managing Windows Images 173
Ch. 7 Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 223
Ch. 8 Windows Deployment Services 263
Pt. III Administering Windows Vista 293
Ch. 9 Managing Change in Vista 295
Ch. 10 Administering Workstations 341
Pt. IV Protecting and Maintaining the System 397
Ch. 11 Securing the Workstation 399
Ch. 12 Protecting User Data 445
Ch. 13 Recovering Damaged Systems and Lost Data 483
Appendix: What's on the CD-ROM 519
Index 523

Wiley, John & Sons, Inc




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